Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cute little baby stuff

Here's just some of the cute stuff I have to show you...

This is the outfit we want to bring our baby home in. It's really soft and oh so darling. It was a gift from my good friend from school, Kristi. hehe, it's so yummy!
Thanks to a family friend in my parents' ward who gave us her rocker, we'll have a great place to feed and hold our little one. The blanket was handcrafted by my mother...I LOVE it! She knows my taste so well. =)

We finally got a carseat. I'm still not sure about the colors, but it's a great carseat and we got a pretty good deal for a brand new Chicco. Notice the little crocheted lamb (made by my friend Maria--amazing!) who's been the baby model for the last few months. We've put him in the cradle, the stroller, and we've even dressed him in some of the baby clothes. =)


  1. You are DEFINITELY going to have to let me know how you really like the Chicco brand after using it with a real baby (instead of the very cute lamb). I've really just heard that Graco is the best for the money, but I just haven't heard any specifics about Chicco, but I like their patterns, etc so much better than any other brand. So let me know! I'm curious! (And how did you get "such a great deal" on it?)

  2. I love the outfit you have for him! It is darling! We are so close to having our babies!! I can't wait to see yours (and mine too of course ha ha)! The lamb is so cute too!