Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kayden's first birthday...postponed

Well, we've been sick an awful lot this year, so it was no surprise when May 1st came around and nobody felt like having any kind of party. Luckily for us, Kayden had no idea that we MOVED his birthday! We celebrated on May 9...but everyone was feeling so much better and Kayden had so much fun!

We've always called him our little monkey because he did so many things as a baby that reminded us of a monkey.

So the theme for the party was monkeys! Here's the invite (before we rescheduled):

(Our address was where the white strip is...I didn't want that on our blog.)

The party was a success! He loved the CAKE,


and having a house FULL of family!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

the hippee

Some of you may have noticed that Darin has become exceedingly hairy over the last few months. If you know Darin very well, seeing him so hairy may have been extra surprising. He prefers to be shaven and maintain short haircuts...but the Church finally asked him to grow it all out. =) For reals. Back in November, Darin auditioned for a part in the new testament movies that are being filmed this summer in Payson. He received word a couple weeks later that he was to come to call-back auditions in May. They suggested that those who can, begin to grow out their hair.

Unfortunately, we've had a change of plans and have decided to move out to Denver sooner than later. We're moving in the middle of June...and filming doesn't start until July. So, the deal's off. Darin shaved off his facial hair today before church. It's nice to enjoy his smooth face again!

I think he looked pretty hot as a hippee. =) Luckily for me, he looks great even without all that hair!

Kayden update

Kayden's a little motor man now. He started walking about a month ago and man can he cruise now. It's amazing how quickly these little ones change. Every week at church we start over--trying to find out how to keep Kayden entertained and comfortable. He wants to just run around and visit everybody during every meeting!

Here are just some pictures and video of him as of late. He's such a fun little guy!!! It's super funny that many of the pictures we get of him show a stone face. The reality is, he is smiling 80% of the time...but as soon as he sees that camera, usually the smile disappears and he gets his "investigator" face on as he checks out that device we're holding.

Here are a few good ones we've caught: