Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visiting Colorado

Darin and I decided to take a quick trip out to Colorado for our second year anniversary. I lived there 6 years ago, but haven't been back since. We had SOOO much fun!
We drove 5 hours to Grand Junction where we stayed a night (to break up the drive), but had a surprise in the morning when our car was COVERED in bird poop! We'd parked in the hotel parking lot under a tree that apparently houses many many birds at night. We laughed so hard just driving to the nearest gas station as we tried to see through the dripping mess on the
windows. We used the sponges on the squeegees at the gas station to scrub it a
ll off. I feel bad for the people who came to use those after us and got their windows dirtier from that nasty, poopy water.

The front window looks pretty clean in this picture, but that's because we'd already cleaned it off with the wipers and tons of washer fluid. The side windows were all streaked!Here's a close-up....
(The yellow squares are just the lights at the gas station reflecting...it makes our paint look really bad in this picture)

The drive was absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful time to make that drive through the mountains! I couldn't seem to get any pictures that really represented the beauty accurately.

When we got into Denver, we stopped by for a tour of the dental school in Aurora. Super nice school!

When it was time for lunch I was really craving some Chipotle. I told Darin that this burrito place was sooo popular in Colorado and he really believed me when
we looked on the GPS for one that was close to us and there was a Chipotle every .2 miles for the next few miles! Needless to say, very time we ate out of this trip...we had Chipotle!
We had fun visiting our friends in Denver! Thanks Alexandria & Rob for putting us up for a night!

Another highlight of the trip was dinner at RockBottom and going to see a show...
That's right! We were on the FIFTH row at WICKED!!! It was awesome!

The next morning we went on a run together and found a huge beautiful park in the middle of the neighborhood where our friends live (only 10 min. away from downtown Denver). That's one thing I love about Colorado...they make sure to leave plenty of green space!

We stopped by the Denver temple on our way to Colorado Springs. It was a really cold morning, but the temple was beautiful and we had a wonderful experience remembering the day we were sealed together forever in the Salt Lake temple.

I'll have to edit this post and finish it later...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two down

For our second anniversary, Darin gave me the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen! They lasted for almost two weeks. A few times, I came home from school or work and actually teared up when I saw and smelled these flowers.

I loved these lilies, but especially what they represent. What a wonderful two years it's been! I don't know how I got so blessed to have such an incredible eternal friend!