Saturday, December 27, 2008

57th Ward Dinner at the Barn

Darin has had a great time serving as a counselor in the bishopric of a BYU singles ward. (Yeah, after only being married for seven months we were back in a singles ward!) We've really enjoyed getting to know the members of the ward and have learned a lot from their dedicated service to each other and others in the community. Time and time again, they surprise us with incredible attendence to FHE and ward activities. Recently the ward put on a formal dinner at a Barn in Mapleton. Despite the tricky location of the barn and the first big snowstorm, we managed to have such a turn-out that we didn't have enough tables and chairs to seat everyone. One of the highlights of the evening was when a set of chimes was dispersed and everyone tried to play Christmas songs by watching for their note to play which was written on a poster board in front of the group. We laughed so the video!

Mandy Valora (a family friend who lived across the street from me when I lived in Orem--she's the second girl from the right) just happened to be in the singles ward where we've been called. I've had a lot of fun hanging out with her and her roommates!

Simple pleasures...

Last year we were pretty lame when it came to holidays. We were just trying to keep up with planning a wedding, moving into a place of our own and keeping up with school. Halloween came and went and decorating for Christmas was not a high priority! But this year was different. We were very excited to have our first Christmas tree and outdoor decorations! Our little 5' tree with white lights and homemade ornaments really lit up the place this holiday season. I really looked forward to coming home each day and completing my homework in our cozy home lit only by the lights on the tree. We even got to hang garland and tie red bows on the railing of our porch! I still feel like I'm playing house, but I love it! We love Christmas in Wymount!

Monday, October 27, 2008


We got to go to our first game this year--I know, I know...almost the last game of the season! It was so fun to watch such a close game and especially to see one of Darin's friends from high school intercept the ball that saved the game at the last second! It was so funny to listen to Mary Jo and Hays scream "Get 'em get 'em get 'em get 'em!" throughout the game. The weather was beautiful! even in the shade. :) Thanks Lauri for the Sports Pass!

Friday, October 3, 2008

We're finally blogging!

We've been talking about making a blog for a while, but we're finally doing it. Just like it took us a couple years to get on facebook, we're a little slow with the blogging. =D