Friday, February 25, 2011

escaping winter

I got to see Kristi Bjorkman, one of my best friends from grad school, this weekend. Darin and I stayed with her and her family in Irvine, California. They were so much fun! And we got to see sunshine!!

We spent a couple days in Disneyland & California Adventure running around with fast passes. We went nonstop all day and crashed at the end of each day. It did for half of one of the days, but the lines were super short--so it was a blast. The morning of the second day, Darin woke up hardly able to contain himself feeling like a little kid--he was dying to go again.

We also got to hangout at the beach. Kristi took us kayaking & paddle boarding in the ocean around Balboa Island.

The whole trip was a dream...except we missed the baby!!! It's good to get away as a couple...but we were definitely excited to see him again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


FYI, it's official! We're headed to Denver this summer. Darin starts school in August! We're so proud of his hard work to get this far!

This is a picture of the dental school when we visited fall 2009. It was just a dream then...but we're excited for it to become a reality.