Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcoming “little brother”

Kayden and Griffin birth announcement 4x6
Our sweet Griffin has been very well accepted!

Daddy time
Darin holding Griffin against wall BW011003023

Mommy time

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Mr. Sweet Cheeks
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Brotherly love right here…
Kayden has been so gentle and loving with Griffin.  He asks throughout the day to “see the baby” which means he has to have full view of his face and be close enough to touch the baby’s forehead.  Only occasionally does he have to be reminded to “move slowly when you’re around the baby” in order to avoid those
accidental collisions!

Kayden’s pretty excited about being a big brother
He’s going to be such a good example for little Griffin!

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So, I'm realizing that part of the reason I may be feeling like a supermom is because I'm still living off of frozen dinners that a couple of people have brought over and frozen food my mom got while she was here.  Not sure how I'm going to manage making real meals...ha!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I thought I was a real full-time mom with Kayden….now I realize that was only a part-time job.  I don’t mean to belittle any mothers who currently have just one child.  I know there are mothers who are definitely working full-time because their one child is a much bigger handful than Kayden has been, but this has been an awakening for me to have two kiddos.

My life is suddenly insanely busy.  I’ve never before found it difficult to find time to answer a quick text message.  So often, something is currently demanding all my attention—and I mean DEMANDING!  And yes, there have been times (especially mornings after frequent feedings throughout the night) when I have shed tears and felt overwhelmed.  However, I have to say that I’ve experienced some weird energy most of the time.  Now with two kids, whenever I make it to storytime at the library or make dinner or run any errands or go to the park or work on any projects or read stories to Kayden, I feel a REAL sense of accomplishment.  Like I’ve gone above and beyond and I’m a totally “with-it” mom.DSCN1910

I feel like a supermom.

This lifestyle of constantly having to do something for my babies is really…fulfilling?  I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do (at this time of my life).  Right now, I am everything to these little ones.  I feel very needed.  I feel very responsible.  I would imagine it’s similar to being promoted in any career…more responsibility and business, but you feel more needed and important! I feel like I just became the CEO.

Go ahead. Laugh.  I’m sure down the road when I look back after having more kids, I’ll laugh at this post too.  But for now, I am a supermom.


Friday, August 17, 2012

Pool time with the purobs

At 1 week of age, Griffin joined us at the community pool!  Grandma Jenny, Grandpa Marlon, Aunt Megan and Uncle Ryan came to visit and we had a blast. Baby and Mom stayed on the sidelines, but it was still fun to all be at the pool together.

2012-08-13 11.42.13

2012-08-13 11.40.47

Grandpa Marlon was being really silly and had us all laughing pretty hard (see video below).

2012-08-13 11.17.31

Bucket head cannonball by Grandpa Marlon


2012-08-13 11.24.50

Kayden in his awesome floaties!  Love those things.

2012-08-13 11.29.43