Friday, August 17, 2012

Pool time with the purobs

At 1 week of age, Griffin joined us at the community pool!  Grandma Jenny, Grandpa Marlon, Aunt Megan and Uncle Ryan came to visit and we had a blast. Baby and Mom stayed on the sidelines, but it was still fun to all be at the pool together.

2012-08-13 11.42.13

2012-08-13 11.40.47

Grandpa Marlon was being really silly and had us all laughing pretty hard (see video below).

2012-08-13 11.17.31

Bucket head cannonball by Grandpa Marlon


2012-08-13 11.24.50

Kayden in his awesome floaties!  Love those things.

2012-08-13 11.29.43


  1. Don't you love that monkey swaddling blanket?! We got that one for a shower gift. LOVE IT.

  2. Congrats on the baby! I am impressed that you are out of the house doing stuff only a week out. I am like a hermit for a month.

  3. Your dad looks like a lot of fun!!! Was that your mom cracking up in the background? So fun!