Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcoming “little brother”

Kayden and Griffin birth announcement 4x6
Our sweet Griffin has been very well accepted!

Daddy time
Darin holding Griffin against wall BW011003023

Mommy time

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Mr. Sweet Cheeks
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Brotherly love right here…
Kayden has been so gentle and loving with Griffin.  He asks throughout the day to “see the baby” which means he has to have full view of his face and be close enough to touch the baby’s forehead.  Only occasionally does he have to be reminded to “move slowly when you’re around the baby” in order to avoid those
accidental collisions!

Kayden’s pretty excited about being a big brother
He’s going to be such a good example for little Griffin!

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  1. They are all adorable! What cute boys you have. Lucky Lady!

  2. I'm thrilled you're happy with the pictures I did.
    What a beautiful family! :)

  3. Ah! These pictures are great!! I think the Mommy time collection is my favorite.

  4. These pictures are SO adorable! What a perfect little boy, and what beautiful pictures!

  5. Congrats! Such a cute little fella!

  6. So cute! I love the pictures! I hope you are doing well!

  7. Love these! My favorites are the one you chose with Kayden with his arm around Griff at the top, Darrin kissing Grif and it looks like he is smiling, and you holding both of your boys. So sweet!! I love them all!