Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I thought I was a real full-time mom with Kayden….now I realize that was only a part-time job.  I don’t mean to belittle any mothers who currently have just one child.  I know there are mothers who are definitely working full-time because their one child is a much bigger handful than Kayden has been, but this has been an awakening for me to have two kiddos.

My life is suddenly insanely busy.  I’ve never before found it difficult to find time to answer a quick text message.  So often, something is currently demanding all my attention—and I mean DEMANDING!  And yes, there have been times (especially mornings after frequent feedings throughout the night) when I have shed tears and felt overwhelmed.  However, I have to say that I’ve experienced some weird energy most of the time.  Now with two kids, whenever I make it to storytime at the library or make dinner or run any errands or go to the park or work on any projects or read stories to Kayden, I feel a REAL sense of accomplishment.  Like I’ve gone above and beyond and I’m a totally “with-it” mom.DSCN1910

I feel like a supermom.

This lifestyle of constantly having to do something for my babies is really…fulfilling?  I feel like I’m doing what I was meant to do (at this time of my life).  Right now, I am everything to these little ones.  I feel very needed.  I feel very responsible.  I would imagine it’s similar to being promoted in any career…more responsibility and business, but you feel more needed and important! I feel like I just became the CEO.

Go ahead. Laugh.  I’m sure down the road when I look back after having more kids, I’ll laugh at this post too.  But for now, I am a supermom.



  1. It's so different having two, it's seems funny that I ever thought having one was hard!

    Glad/hope you're doing well!

    ps. Love those Aden+Anais blankets! We have that same monkey one. LOVE THEM.

  2. Not only do I know everything you wrote is right on (and amazing to me), I am so impressed with how well you wrote it all down. Great post babe!

  3. :) I'm amazed at how well you do it and agree with Darin, I'm impressed at how well you wrote it all down. :)
    My mom said the hardest part is before you're oldest turns nine. Once they reach a responsible age the kids take after each other. :)
    Kudos for the work you do now!

  4. Amazing, you are really living in the moment, loving it, and recording it! Give yourself another pat on the back because when I had two kids my husband wasn't in DENTAL SCHOOL! He worked 8 to 5 and when he walked in the door, I handed him the two kids and passed out on the couch! You are SUPERMOM! Love ya!

  5. I heard from another friend that she had never been happier in her life than when she had her second child. She said before that, she tried to do other stuff beside mothering during the day, and she always felt frustrated with her son when he "got in the way," but after having her second, she gave up on being productive during the day and just decided to be a mom. She felt needed and accomplished. She loved the stages her children were at. She just enjoyed them and let everything else go. I think it's awesome that you are loving it!