Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kayden's first birthday...postponed

Well, we've been sick an awful lot this year, so it was no surprise when May 1st came around and nobody felt like having any kind of party. Luckily for us, Kayden had no idea that we MOVED his birthday! We celebrated on May 9...but everyone was feeling so much better and Kayden had so much fun!

We've always called him our little monkey because he did so many things as a baby that reminded us of a monkey.

So the theme for the party was monkeys! Here's the invite (before we rescheduled):

(Our address was where the white strip is...I didn't want that on our blog.)

The party was a success! He loved the CAKE,


and having a house FULL of family!!


  1. wow when you said you were decorating cupcakes you weren't kidding! You're have to tell me how you did them because I LOVE THEM, and I don't think Archie will forgive me if I don't make such cool cupcakes for him!

  2. wow what a cute birthday! Our babies are 1 can you believe it?!! Cayden is ADORABLE!!