Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Reasons he's waiting...

As many of you know, my due date was the 18 and so far, there's no sign of this baby coming really soon. Luckily he's doing great according to an ultrasound we just had and so there are no worries about going overdue. We'll just continue to occasionally monitor how he's doing (at the doctor's office and hospital) and wait until he's ready to come.

Here are some reasons why I think he's been waiting:

1. Let Mom finish her thesis
2. Let Dad finish his classes and finals
2. Let Mom interview for jobs for next year
4. Since he waited to come, we'll experience some extra benefits with insurance because he'll be born after a certain deadline they have
5. Let Mom have another week to feel less scarred about being a mom and more excited about it! (feeling SO excited, by the way!)
6. Wait for Grandma Rhean to get back in town
7. Wait for his DOCTOR to get back in town (fhew!)
8. Let Dad build up some anticipation for Mom going into labor (he's never been more attentive to my texts and phone calls! Every morning he talks like we're having the baby that day =)
9. Wait until it's closer to the time to move into a neighboring apartment that has one more bedroom (it'll be nice to only be cramped for a little bit...instead of several weeks)
10. ???
I'm sure we'll find more reasons this week...

The Lord works in mysterious ways...I'm so glad He's looking out for us and knows when to let this little one come. We're trusting Him.


  1. That is just so exciting! It sounds like you have TONS going on and yet you still have "time" to blog about it! I'm proud of you! Anyway, good luck and I'll be thinking about and praying for you!

  2. i am so proud of you for being so patient! this is the hardest time to be patient and you are doing wonderfully. soon you will have a little boy in your hands. God does know best and He will send him down when he's ready. can't WAIT to hear all about it! best of luck...you are beautiful and strong!