Monday, April 12, 2010

Nervous for your defense?

Lots of people have been asking if I'm nervous about my thesis defense meeting. To any who are wondering, here is my answer:

"Are you kidding?? I'm WAY more nervous about being a mom... This thesis thing is no big deal. Being a mom the rest of my life? Now that will be the real challenge."

Feel free to leave encouraging notes. Ladies, tell me all the things you love about motherhood. Tell me all about the joy it brings.

I've heard enough lately about how hard it is.


  1. I love how much Luke makes us laugh--he is so funny. He's just started talking in the last couple months and it is awesome to watch him learn. Every day he makes me crazy and every day he makes me love him even more. It's a good balance. You'll be a fantastic mom, good luck on your thesis too!

  2. YOU WILL BE AMAZING! don't listen to all that negative stuff. i don't know why everyone feels the need to tell a pregnant woman all the negatives of birth, mothering, etc...the positives SO outweigh the negatives. yes, it's challenging, but you will experience NO greater joy than being a mother, seeing your child learn a new thing (even if it's just how to look at a toy!! hehe). sending lots of positive thoughts your way!!!!!

  3. I have no mothering experience. :) But I'm pretty sure that you'll make a great one.

  4. Don't worry!!! Being a mom is easy because your motherly instincts just kick in. Now, taking care of a puppy, that's tough stuff!!!

  5. Rachel, I totally remember getting the how hard it's going to be spill, and don't get me wrong it is in a lot of ways, but every other night I cry during my prayers and thank my Heavenly Father for my beautiful little boy, who makes my day with his giggles and simple pleasures. It's really the best thing on Earth to be a mom. You'll love it :)

  6. i have no words of wisdom for ya! I will let you know in a month or so! I am right there with ya....scared TO DEATH!! I am just making sure I am reading my scriptures and praying extra hard...cuz I know I will need the extra power very soon! ;)

  7. Being a mother is like Christmas morning everyday!!! You will be wonderful.

  8. Oh Rachel! Heavenly Father made you to be a Mom! I love Jen's Mom blog when I need a reminder or just a boost:

    When you think of what you are doing, really, in raising this little one, it will make your heart swell with awed gratitude that you get to be his Mommy!

    I hope that's not cheesy! It probably is, but it's true.

    Oh, and a big perk of being a Mom: I can stay in my jammies reading stories until noon, and it means I'm doing a good job - wahoo! I can go and have picnics on beautiful days instead of being at work. I can watch movies and have hot chocolate with graham crackers on rainy days with two people who think I'm the best pillow in the world to snuggle with. Seriously, it is such a spoiled life! Just let yourself enjoy it! Sometimes I think moms feel guilty not working ultra hard and "accomplishing" great tasks. I need to remember that my "great task" is raising these kids, and that is fun! If the house is messy, or if I play all day instead of clean the bathroom, that's okay!

    I know Darin will be the one home for the first while, but eventually it will be you, and even while you are working, I'm sure you will still very much be your baby's Mommy, so it still all applies :)

    Anyway, I babble a lot. Sorry. I'll babble for awhile now about how much I babble. I just am thrilled for you and Darin, and I know you will just fall in love with this boy - even more than with that super cute cradle :)

  9. Rach! I read your post and i just want to tell you that you will be an awesome mom. I know it. And i'm so glad Heather told you about my mom blog. It's just a way for me and my friends who are moms to give each other support.
    I am so thrilled for you to be a mom. I will just say ditto to everything Heather said. You will love it and you will be great!