Thursday, April 8, 2010

Grahm Canyon in a CUP

Yesterday was a great day. After feeling hopeless just the day before about meeting thesis deadlines (due to complications), yesterday was different. The stars aligned (meaning God intervened and blessed) and things are looking good again. So, on my way home from school after filling out forms, petitions, making revisions, etc., I decided to stop at the creamery for a little reward: grahm canyon ice cream. YUM!

I got a child scoop...this time in a CONE. Thinking it would be an extra treat to have it in a cone as opposed to just a cup...I was sorely disappointed. They don't give you nearly as much in a cone as in a cup. I went out to my car and enjoyed the ice cream...briefly, for there wasn't much in that cone. And then I did something very uncharacteristic of me...I went back in the store and got another one. =) This time in a CUP! No more cones for me! The cashier got a kick out of this very pregnant woman coming back in for another ice cream. Same flavor and everything--just needed some more.

Oh yeah, that hit the spot...completely. Thank you BYU creamery.


  1. Haha! Love it! That's a good story :) It is yummy ice cream :)

  2. that's why I never get a cone anymore! i'm all about the cup cuz they definitely give you more ice cream, and more is always better :) I would have totally done the same thing and gone back for more if that had happened to me.

  3. ooo graham canyon is one of our favorites!!! the trick is to order it in a cup and then ask for a cone on top. You get the best of both worlds!!!