Friday, April 2, 2010

37 weeks...and totally waddling =)

At the beginning of the pregnancy, I remember telling Darin that I'd like him to tell me if I ever start to waddle as I walk...I was determined to NOT do that ridiculous waddle thing that most pregnant women do. I get it. It feels way better to waddle. So, I do.


  1. wow! that snuck up on me...i had no idea you were so close!!

    good luck! you look beautiful. i can't wait to see the sweet baby. you will have a beautiful delivery, be excited!!

    (and waddling rocks. it's the way to walk, hehe).

  2. You look fantastic! And you're full term now! Wow, it's not too long now.

  3. I hear ya about the waddling thing. Luke likes to let me know I'm doing it by imitating me ha ha :) You look so cute btw!

  4. Lol, that's funny :) So glad you are full-term now - you're so close! Good luck with it all!!