Monday, March 1, 2010

33 weeks and counting...

Graduate courses...check!
Passing the PRAXIS exam...check!
Clinical hours...check!
Internships...4 more days! draft will be in to the committee for revision this week!
Cradle...on it's way!
Baby bath...check!
Rocker...check (thanks Meghan)!
Diaper bag...check!
Bouncer...still looking (ideas?)
Stroller...still deciding (any suggestions?)
Carseat...still looking
Baby showers...coming up! =D so excited to see friends and family!

wow--life's good


  1. wow it's getting close!!!! You look fantastic still! I am stressing over the stroller, carseat situation too. i don't know what is best to go with. Good luck!

  2. oh my gosh!! how crazy. and i'm so jealous about everything you've accomplished. one day day.

  3. Luke and I got the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain stroller (looks just like a jogging one, but isn't) and I like how it looks (haven't gotten to use it yet...since we need a baby for that ha ha). We looked on Craig's list for an infant carseat and got an Evenflo one. There's always the option of looking for a travel system (stroller and carseat in one..but they are pricey if bought new). We also got a used Boppy bouncer (the chair kind I guess).
    Basically, if you want something cheap try to find it on Craig's list. Or look at BabiesRUs. They have tons of great stuff! You look amazing btw! And congrats on all the things you have accomplished so far!!!

  4. Wow, I'd agree...sounds great! Congrats on getting so much done!

  5. How exciting!!!

    I love my Phil and Teds stroller, though they are quite expensive unless you can find a used one. It's an investment, though, because it can be for two kids or just one, and works as a jogging stroller, but is also really easy to take around places. It even can have a car seat attachment to let you place your car seat in it, so it really is as much an "everything" stroller as a stroller can be.

    The car seat/stroller combos are nice, but not essential. I wish you could borrow mine, but we won't be in Utah till August! You can use it then, if you want :) They're nice for the first several months until your baby gets heavy enough that you don't want to be lugging him around in a car seat anymore.

    I also wish you could borrow our bouncer, because that's another thing that is so nice, but only for a few months! Maybe I'll have to ask Steph if she has one you could use :)

    Anyway, congrats on all the huge things you are accomplishing, most important of which is growing a baby!! You've worked so hard, and I'm so happy for you to be finishing up such a wonderful degree, and to be starting such an extraordinary new adventure!

  6. Ooohh look at your sweet belly!!! You look beautiful!!! :) It will be nice when all of those things are done huh?

    We got a Chicco travel system that we like a lot! I know you can get jogging stroller travel systems, which would probably be a good idea since yall are into jogging (or you were when we lived there!)