Sunday, May 24, 2009

Real mountain bikers

Look at how hard core these guys are?!  I knew I was in trouble when they started pulling out the knee and elbow pads and attaching them to the bikes for the ride down.  They are not afraid of speed!  This is Faozi and Laina, our Tahitian friends who live below us at Wymount.  They took us on a single track trail that was so narrow, the trees brush each arm as you ride!  Then occasionally, it opens up to show you the drop off on one side.  That's the part that was a mental challenge for soon as I pictured myself falling toward that slope, that's exactly what I did.  I didn't fall far though and just had a few bruises.  I'll need a little more practice this season before I hit this one again.  Fun trail though!  I want to be able to do it this summer.

Two helpful tips from Faozi:  
1. Look further up the trail.  When you look down close to where you're riding, it's harder to keep your balance. 
2. When there's an obstacle coming up, be aggressive and hit it hard.  When you hesitate, you lose power.

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