Sunday, May 24, 2009

Porter's Cabin

 This weekend we went with some friends up to stay a night at their parents cabin.  We had such a good time!  Anyone ever played the game Blurt?!  I LOVE that game and want to add it to our somewhat nonexistant collection of games. =D  There were hours of intellectual talk about everything from signs of the times, to aliens, to politics, to dropping seals on a country to cause havvok...hahhaha.  Jayce said something about using seals to invade a country and I thought he was talking about the animal--I thought it was a strange strategy, but it might work.  Then they told me he meant Navy Seals.  Oops!

We were so irresponsible and stayed up until 4:30 am watching the Truman show and Independence Day.  Then, a few hours later we had a delicious breakfast of fruit and waffles.  Yum!  Short, but fun!  I'm so grateful for good friends.  I've known Lindsey and Jayce since high school in Colorado and am so glad we're all still hangin with spouses! =D


  1. You should get that awesome game and show us how to play Blurt at our next picnic (then we would have a reason to have one...).

  2. Where is this cabin? It looks just like Tyler's parents cabin in Island Park.