Monday, September 16, 2013

Baby Andrew

Hi family and friends-

We welcomed baby Andrew (yes, we did finally decide on a name!) to our family last month, just 5 days after celebrating Griffin's first birthday.  We've got our hands full for sure, which is why this announcement is coming five weeks late.  But we are really having a blast with these little boys!!  Darin summarized our feelings well in a text he sent me the other day when he simply said "I love our life."  It's full of the good stuff.

Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive and helpful!  Hope you are all well!

Darin, Rachel, Kayden, Griffin, and Andrew


  1. Congratulations! Your family is adorable!

  2. 3 boys!!! I love it! Griffin looks so sweet in those pictures. Love the name Andrew, too. Good choice. So glad you're doing well.

  3. So beautiful! You are going to be busy!

  4. All your boys are so beautiful! Congratulations!

  5. What a beautiful family you have!! How are things???