Thursday, April 18, 2013


Some of my family out of state have been asking about belly pics, so I guess I'll post some.  As a matter of fact, I thought I'd post some comparisons just for fun.  I wasn't sure if how big I am this time around was all in my head.  For the record, it's not in my head... it's in my belly:) (mah mah mah)
Pregnancy #1 at 30 weeks

Pregnancy #2 at 25 weeks

Pregnancy #3 at 22 weeks

Yup. I'm about 2 months ahead of schedule in size! It's gonna be a long (or should I say big) 4 more months!   At least the first 4 flew by;)

I am welcoming excessive amounts of compliments from now til about September (that includes that yucky post-baby weight period). haha!

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