Monday, September 10, 2012

Underwear party


Kayden underwear Collage

For the last month, we’ve been having a big underwear party.  Yes, indeed I was stupid enough to dive into potty training while taking care of a newborn.  But we’re getting through it and Kayden has been a champ for the most part.  Yesterday we asked him to go get some clean underwear to put on—we didn’t specify that he only needed to get one pair.  He came out with a whole pile proudly saying, “I got underwears!”  When he started to put them on his head, we just made a big party out of it.

We started exposing Kayden to the little potty when he was 18 months old. The pediatrician recommended it since he was already communicating so well.  He thought it was fun and exciting at first.  We had a brilliant idea for a potty training method: let’s just put him in underwear and that should do it.  Surely he won’t like the feeling of being dirty and having an accident, so he’ll learn to do it in the potty.  Well, it worked at first…and then stopped working.  And then it got ugly, so we took a break for a few months.  After Griffin joined our family, I found myself absolutely disgusted when changing Kayden’s HUGE diapers and smelling his definitly-not-baby-poop-anymore.  It was so gross in comparison to the little newborn diaper changes that I committed then and there that we were DONE with size 4 diapers.  Going back to the wearing underwear technique failed again.  So, I tried letting him go naked.  That kid definitely responded to not having anything to “catch it.”  He’s NEVER had an accident when he was wearing nothing.  So, gradually, we’ve been able to have him wear underwear and he still remembers when he needs to go.  He’s been pretty awesome.  Oh, and my favorite part?  He calls the excrement “poop” and “peep.”  So logical and totally hillarious!  His nursery leader brought him in to me in the relief society room yesterday and (of course during a silent moment in the lesson) he loudly exclaimed “I have peep!” meaning “I need to pee.”  It got a good chuckle from the women in the room.


  1. :) That's awesome! It's easier to potty train little girls because you can just put them in a dress with no underwear and they know to go. You can't quite take a little boy out in public that way though. Great Job!

    P.S. If you're still teaching him to aim in the toilet, a trick I learned from my mom is to put cheerios in the toilet and tell them that they're spaceships (targets) and they need to shoot them down! :)

  2. I am so glad things are going better with the potty training. I can totally sympathize with you with not wanting to change the bigger child's diapers after you get a newborn. I hope things continue to go well! Good luck! I love the pictures.