Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finish school or begin a family? or both??

I wanted to record this story in our family blog (which will eventually be turned into our family book). Maybe it will even be helpful if any of you are wondering when to begin your own families or how you can know when the time is right.  If you are seeking answers on this topic, read this talk.

Here's our story...

Darin and I had been married for a couple years and really wanted to begin our family. But I really felt like it was God's will that I get my masters degree (that in and of itself was a major decision with lots of prayer involved!). I didn't know how in the world I could do both. I also had to work full time for a year after grad school before I'd be fully certified as a speech-language pathologist. Once Darin and I really felt like we needed to have a child soon, we had a new idea come to our minds that we'd never before thought of: if we got pregnant during my second year of grad school we'd have the baby right after graduation and Darin could put off dental school just one year so that he could be home with Kayden while I worked and got certified. We were blessed to get pregnant right when we'd hoped to and everything fell into place. I even had a great pregnancy so it was no problem to finish grad school--a blessing I missed this second pregnancy! haha- I had a lot more back pain with this one, but I honestly kinda expected that my next pregnancies wouldn't be as easy--I believed I was being blessed and helped through school. A hidden bonus was there was so much that we both learned by having the experience of switching roles (Darin at home full-time and me working)... I believe that's another reason why God inspire us with that plan. We are so grateful we did it the way we did and we've had this precious time with Kayden!!

Thank goodness Someone sees the bigger picture and can help us know what would be best for us!

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  1. I have some friends who are having a hard time dealing with the judgment from members about their plan for the husband to stay home and the wife to go back to school. It's an important lesson to learn, but we all need to mind our own business. Our only job is to love.

    Thanks for this post.