Sunday, October 30, 2011

Keen Kayden

ok, so a while ago I told you about my LOVE for (perhaps obsession with/addiction to)

turns out

my son inherited a similar gene.

only, it’s for…

KEEN Shoes


Story is, we got them at REI on clearance.  I thought:

“Awesome! super durable shoes perfect for next summer!”

(they are about an inch past his toes in length)

I hadn’t even taken them out of the box yet, but the next morning Kayden found them in the hallway. He brought them to me, sat down, and put his foot up in the air with a big hopeful smile on his face.


He was wearing these footed pj’s so I just put them on right over the footies. He ran away tickled with his new shoes. He has begged to wear them every day since then. Luckily, he can walk fine in them despite the fact that they’re too big.


One day had a babysitter who didn’t know about this preference for his Keen sandals and when she tried to put on his other pair of shoes, he turned to her, put up his hand and said “no, no, no.” She watched as he deliberately went over to his shoes and dug out the Keens. So funny!

I can relate.

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