Wednesday, October 5, 2011

country lane park

I have counted 74 parks within a 3.5 mile radius of where we live.  They are EVERYWHERE here!  But Country Lane Park has the coolest playground I’ve seen.  This is Kayden with his new friend, Harris who stayed at our house during the day for a couple of days while his mom was at school (dental school with Darin).

Note the following features of this AWESOME park:

The boys are in the trailer  because we WALKED! Love that this park is just down the road!IMG_3905This slide is made of cylinders that spin as you go down.  The coolest parts: no static and an awesome rainstick sound as they spin.IMG_3906Musical chimes they can plan just by pushing and pulling them.  Harris played and sang a few songs for us. =)IMG_3910

That’s right.  This kids’ park has a little CLIMBING WALL! Love it!IMG_3909I didn’t get a good picture of the cool 4-seater see-saw behind this little thing Kayden’s riding on, but it’s fun!IMG_3913

I think my favorite part is that everything that Kayden would need help on or need to be closely supervised on HE CAN’T GET TO.  The playground is designed so that the big slide can’t be accessed without going up some big steps and a long tunnel—which scares the little one.   Any platform over 4 feet in the air is completely encased by fencing and can only be accessed by climbing things only a bigger kid can handle. AND the ground doesn’t have sand, or wood chips, or rubber chips, it’s that squishy rubber floor that makes no mess, but provides plenty of cush! LoVe It!!

So, Kayden has a great time going up and down the stairs just his size that have fences and slight incline slides and feels like such a big boy without Mommy’s help.  And mom?  She can totally relax and enjoy watching him play without concern. 

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  1. So Fun! I am so excited about this great place and all of the other fun parks you've found. We will have so much fun going to them when we visit!