Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cowboys and…lobsters (and pirates)

Kayden has a little pair of hand-me-down cowboy boots that he LOVES to wear all the time.  So, this year’s costume didn’t take much creativity or work—it was natural for him to dress as a cowboy!  We attended a trunk-or-treat at the church and had a blast watching Kayden really get into the trick or treat thing.  Everyone got a kick out of Griff’s costume…especially since we carried him around in a pot!  I wasn’t sure how long he’d last, but he was so content to just sit in a pot the whole time.  So cute. Oh and the pirate is Tyler Tobler, one of Kayden’s best buddies.

halloween2012 Collage

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  1. What cute kids you have! I love the new family pictures at the top too! Did you do those? They look great!