Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dear Mom

I couldn’t let this mother’s day pass without telling you what I love. 

I love that I can always call you and find something to talk about.  You’re the only person I ever call when I have nothing to say…I just feel like talking about something with you. 

I also love that we often call each other at the exact same time—kinda weird, but I love it. 

I love that even though I live far away, we are close.

I love that when we really get laughing, I can’t tell the difference between my laugh and yours.

I love our walks/workouts.

I love it when I complain about something you can relate to and you can just say, “I know. It stinks”… and somehow I feel so much better.

I love that we use the exact same makeup/hairstyling tools.

And I love love LOVE how much you love Kayden.


We love you!

P.S. Mom, we need take more pictures together…just us.  I don’t have ANY!


  1. Oh great! Now I'm crying again and will have that ugly "swollen face" look at work tomorrow. I think this might be the first Mother's day without you since before you were born. Oh how I miss you! I love all those things you love too! Thanks for the best mother's day gift a Mom could ever get! I can't wait til you come and then I go home with you! Can't wait to kiss Kayden's cheek! I can almost feel it when I close my eyes! Love you!