Sunday, October 31, 2010


This is me trying to blog with Kayden on my lap. ;k lhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cy >g]p[-[]fdc vb ,.k, rr /[pp m 42 '

What you can't see is the 20 windows that pop up, my attempts to get him distracted by something else, his insisting that the only thing he wants is a keyboard, his crying and my lack of sympathy. What you can't hear is the smacking of the keys, the difference between the real cries when he's hit the keys too hard and the fake cry when he's not getting what he wants.

Blogging with Kayden involves all 5 senses and I wanted to share the WHOLE experience with you.


  1. Thanks for the tip Rachel! I wonder if they'll like it as much if they can't whack it down with their feet, though :)

    I remember a few stories that involved the Borup family. And what a cute little family you have!

  2. I know how that goes. Cora loves sending emails to Grandma. :D

  3. your header pictures is SO STINKIN' CUTE!