Saturday, January 30, 2010

jobs that go unnoticed

Today I'm blogging about a job that would otherwise go unnoticed. No one is to blame. It's not that anyone else even should notice it. It's just one of those jobs that needs to be done, but won't be acknowledged...until it needs to be done again. Kinda like dusting.

We got this awesome spice rack for our wedding...over 2 years ago. I noticed last week that the bottles were coated. Not sure exactly with what, but we keep it next to the stove, so I guess the vapors just deposit film on them.

So, here's what they looked like before I cleaned them. Notice, the glass is cloudy.

Here's after I cleaned each bottle. Notice, the glass is not cloudy.

But see, you probably wouldn't have noticed it until I devoted a whole post just to that.

Such is the life of a homemaker I guess, eh? That's ok. I know that they're clean now.

Tah duh!

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